Smoked Ham

The "Holsteiner Katenschinken" has been made according to the same traditional production process for hundreds of years. To create this Schleswig-Holstein delicacy pork ham is used, from which pelvic and tubular bones are not removed. It consists of four parts: topside, silverside, tail and hipbone. The topside and silverside – better known as "Pape" – are the sirloins. "Holsteiner Katenschinken" gets its typical taste and its special, soft consistency thanks to several stages of production including salting and seasoning, drying and maturing, but above all the slow cold smoking over predominantly beech wood.

Its production takes time. For a whole ham to develop its flavour it takes at least four months. Even after smoking "Holsteiner Katenschinken" needs sufficient time to mature. It is then smooth and the fat is lightly nutty. Depending on the breed of pig used, the finished Katenschinken weighs between about 7.5 and 19 kilograms. And so it ends up in the eager hands of the consumer – just like the other delicacies that the pig provides us with and which also get their colour and taste from the smoking oven: smoked bacon, smoked sausage and liver sausage.