In September the west coast towns of Dithmarschen turn its attention to these delicious vegetables. In Europe’s biggest cabbage cultivation area, covering 2.800 hectares, around 80 million white and red cabbages are harvested every year. According to tradition, the cabbage harvest begins with a big festival in September.

Everybody is familiar with the cabbage: it’s round and healthy and contains
as much vitamin C as citrus fruits. It is rich in nerve-strengthening vitamin B, potassium, calcium, sodium and iron. The fibre it contains naturally lowers blood cholesterol levels. All these "ingredients" are also contained in Sauerkraut, the pickled cabbage that is the German "national vegetable". In Dithmarschen other types of cabbage are cultivated too, some less wellknown. Some of the most flourishing include Savoy, pointed cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, the less well-known "Romanesco" and kale, barely known in Europe.

The variety of cabbages can therefore win over gourmets with the diversity of possibilities for preparation and combination: Cabbage goes well with crab, fish, meat, game and other Dithmarschen specialities, not to mention the huge variety of herbs and spices with which it combines so well.