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Hol­stein Switzer­land Cycle Tour

Welcome to Holstein Switzerland

The 200-km circular tour through Schleswig-Holstein’s largest nature park will enchant you will an incomparable experience of nature. Follow the signposts through the Ice Age-shaped moraine landscape, which stretches all the way to the Baltic Sea. On the side of the route lies the largest lake and the highest hill of the most northern federal state. Alongside rolling hills, expansive forests and over 200 lakes, numerous stately homes, manor estates and castles give this cycle route its very special charm. 

Use­ful in­form­a­tion

Numerous attractions are waiting to be discovered. Gain a first overview atop the Bungsberg, at 168 metres the highest hill in Schleswig-Holstein. From here, you can overlook the entire landscape and plan your next destination.

For example, a visit to the beautiful castles and gardens in Eutin and Plön. Or the romantic Blomenburg and the small hunting lodge of Ukleisee. Holstein Switzerland is famous for its manor estates and stately homes. Don’t miss taking a detour to Panker, Salzau, Kletkamp, Seedorf or Stocksee.

In addition, churches, mills and the Preetz Monastery are awaiting your visit. What would Schleswig-Holstein be without water? How about a boat trip on one of the numerous lakes, an evening stroll on a promenade or a relaxing day at the Baltic seaside?


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Arrival and departure

You will find travel connections to the rail network Deutsche Bahn in Eutin, Preetz und Plön, which can shorten your route. Trains run every half hour and can accommodate bicycles. In addition, the train station in Ascheberg enables you to begin the tour in Dersau, located 4 km away. The trains in Ascheberg stop every hour and can accommodate bicycles.

Route conditions and degree of difficulty

  • The route quality is excellent almost everywhere; only short sections (many routes run directly along the lakeside) lead across gravel roads or natural ground.  
  • In the hilly landscape of Holstein Switzerland, there are gentle gradients, which constitute the particular charm of the landscape.
  • The route is fully signposted with kilometre markers and a uniform logo.
  • There are no boards for the route. Nature information and town information boards are placed at regular intervals.
  • Due to gentle gradients and short unsurfaced sections, the cycle route has a normal degree of difficulty and is only partially recommended for racing bikes with thin tyres.

Rest stops and overnight accommodation

You will find rest stops and sheltered huts along the entire route. In the towns (e.g. Eutin), lockable bicycle boxes are available. There is a sufficient range of overnight accommodation, youth hostels or camp sites in the different towns, which you can find at www.bettundbike.de. We recommend booking in advance in the months from July-August.

You can also find cycling accommodation on the Radroutenplaner (in German).


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