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Mu­seums, mu­sic and lit­er­at­ure

Around 240 museums in Schleswig-Holstein tell stories of the land, its people and the sea. They present art and cultural history from the Stone Age until today, explain scientific phenomena and illustrate technical developments. Guided tours and opportunities to join in are ideal for families who like to be creative on their holidays and try out innovative ideas.

And it’s not just the museums that are turned into concert halls for festivals and concert series such as the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival. Churches, estates or ferries also form the backdrop for international musicians, major works and composers. In Niendorf, the port area including a dockyard even becomes the stage for a jazz festival: JazzBaltica. Industrial history and music combined – an inspiring cultural pleasure.

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Top ten museums in Schleswig-Holstein

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Holstentor Museum

In the exhibition at the Holstentor Museum, you can discover how Lübeck became the “Queen of the Hanseatic League”. Foreign trade and city history, but also seafaring, market activities and Medieval law are documented.

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Brahms Festival Lübeck

Since 1992, the Lübeck Academy of Music has devoted an annual festival to the composer Johannes Brahms. Enjoy symphony and chamber music concerts, new music, club music and sound installations.

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museen am meer (English)

Eight museums invite you to take a discovery tour through art, natural and science history all about the Kiel fjords.

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