Cycling regions

Cycling regions

Cycling to experience and enjoy everything the region has to offer on several kilometres through varied nature areas, fascinating towns, historic villages and past interesting cultural highlights – all this is just waiting to be discovered!

Boredom will no doubt kept at bay when it comes to exploring Schleswig-Holstein by bike, as every region has something to offer. Those seeking relaxation will get their money’s worth, because downhill here means tailwind and our cycle paths are also known as “deceleration lanes”. The curious can enjoy the sights, which are dotted all along the designated routes. And what’s that all about?!

A variety of long-distance cycle routes wind through the entire country. Among them are four so-called “D-routes”, which are part of the German cycling network and can be used across all federal states. An overview of the 13 long-distance cycle routes with their special features and GPS tracks for downloading can be found here. If you would like to see an overview of the routes on a Schleswig-Holstein map, you can download our cycle map here or download it here.

Our cycling regions reveal their insider tips, special tours and fun facts on this page. Let us inspire you!


Schleswig-Holstein’s regions are always worth a cycling trip. Variety is a priority here: two coasts, as well as forest and lake landscapes.

North Sea
© / Jan-Christoph Schultchen

Wind-blown pasture land, thatched farmhouses, the sea roaring behind the dunes and the beach beckoning for a picnic.

In between the coasts

In the middle of Schleswig-Holstein, between meadows, forests and moors, original villages slumber at peace.

Baltic Sea
© / Oliver Franke

Along the glittering Baltic Sea, past crystal-clear rivers and lakes, along forested cliffs and wide beaches.