Nolde-Mu­seum See­büll

In the picture gallery on the first floor of the building of 1927, annually changing exhibitions are shown. Nolde’s colour-intense aquarelle and graphic prints are shown in the cabinets – the former living rooms – on the first floor. In Nolde’s former studio, religious pictures are exhibited, including the major work the cycle of “The Life of Christ” from 1911/12.

Based on the initials A and E (for Ada and Emil), Emil Nolde designed his colourful garden paradise from 1927: above the pond, the paths through the flower gardens trace these two letters. To this day, the garden has been planted and maintained in accordance with the artist’s intention. On a tour of the gardens, you can discover more about the botanical particularities and stories from Nolde’s life.

The gardens, the museum and the visitors’ centre with restaurant offer a great art experience for large and small.

 © Nolde-Stiftung Seebüll© Nolde-Stiftung Seebüll
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