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A paradise for sailors

The sailing schools and marinas of Schleswig-Holstein's sailing coast* look forward to welcoming eager beginners and passionate amateur sailors and provide everything needed to climb aboard and cast off!
On a Baltic Sea sailing trip between the Flensburg Fjord and Lübeck Bay you can savour the freedom of being out on the water as you enjoy the region’s maritime flair and the perfect infrastructure provided by the region’s modern harbours.
The North Sea offers a unique natural sailing territory – hopping from island to island, staying on course in the Wadden Sea National Park or setting sail for Germany’s only high-sea island, Helgoland.

Always on course between the ‘Danish South Sea’ and Lübeck
A white sail billows in the wind, crystal clear water washes around the wooden bow... This is not a scene from the Caribbean, but from one of Europe’s most beautiful sailing territories – the sailing coast* of Schleswig-Holstein.
On a sailing trip between the Flensburg Fjord, the ‘Danish South Sea’ and Lübeck Bay you can savour the freedom of being out on the water as you enjoy the region’s maritime flair and the perfect infrastructure provided by the region’s modern harbours. The sailing coast* of Schleswig-Holstein offers a total of 18,500 moorings over the entire territory from Flensburg to Lübeck. The maximum distance between two landing stages is just 30 sea miles.

Set sail: from the Wadden Sea to Helgoland
A sailing trip through the wonderful world of the islands and Halligen of Schleswig-Holstein’s North Sea coast is a very special experience.
The constant changing of the tides, of water and land, creates a unique, rich maritime landscape.
Out on the sea, sailors can experience nature at close quarters: common and grey seals inhabit the numerous sandbanks. Seagulls accompany the white sails for miles. In this mutable environment, the tide calendar is an indispensable guide for skippers.
Classic sailing trips or modern catamaran sailing – the waves of the North Sea provide hours of uniquely enjoyable sailing. Experienced sailors are also drawn to the high-sea island of Helgoland.

Premier sailing events
Skippers, amateur captains and those with an interest in sailing have long known it, and ‘landlubbers’ are invited to experience it for themselves: Schleswig-Holstein is one of the most attractive regions for world-famous sailing events. Exclusive events and colourful harbour festivals create a unique maritime atmosphere along the North Sea and Baltic coasts from spring to autumn.

Kiel Week: The largest sailing event in the world and, with 3.5 million visitors very year, also the biggest summer party in northern Europe: Kiel Week.
Every year, at the end of June, the world’s yachting elite and amateur sailors put their skills to the test in sailing regattas and compete in thrilling races. You and your family can experience all this at close quarters. Embark on one of the famous traditional sailing boats and follow the competitions from the water. The highlight of the Kiel Week is the parade of windjammers and traditional sailing boats, where more than 100 large sailing boats set off towards the outer fjord.

Sail Travemünde: Sail Travemünde is a popular get-together for traditional classic sailing ships from all over the Baltic Sea area. It is organised as part of the ‘Baltic Sail’ events.
The central attraction at this sailing event in Travemünde are the lovingly maintained traditional sailing boats and replicas of historical models which sailing enthusiasts of all ages are invited to board for open ship days or join the crew on exciting sailing trips.

Rolex Baltic Week: Travemünde will be the venue of the exclusive Rolex Baltic Week, playing host to sailors from over 20 countries who will be competing in the first Rolex Farr 40 European Championships in the north.
The chief attraction in this class is that the world-renowned Farr 40 yachts have to be sailed by their amateur owners. They are, however, allowed to recruit some professionals for the crew.
Every year, this event attracts big names from the regatta scene. With a bit of luck, Frederic, Crown Prince of Denmark will be amongst those participating as the owner of the yacht ‘Nanoq’. By the way: as well as the European Championship Trophy, the overall winner is also presented with a deluxe Rolex watch.

Travemünde Week: Travemünde Week is one of the world’s largest sailing events. Every year, Travemünde Week plays host to around one million visitors who come to experience a unique combination of international sailing competition and maritime festivities.
Travemünde Week is staying true to form in 2013 by hosting a colourful mix of four- and five-masted boats, junior dinghies, traditional classes and modern skiffs and catamarans. Once again, for the 120th edition, the Lübeck Yacht Club has incorporated many competitions and ‘best-in-class’ prizes to guarantee excitement and top-class sailing.

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